Client Testimonials

“Grady and Heather Burnett handled the sale of two condominiums for the City of Sun Valley. They were responsive, professional and sold our condominiums quickly. From negotiating offers to arranging the closings, they handled it all seamlessly. It was a pleasure to have them represent the City of Sun Valley.”

Peter Hendricks, Mayor of Sun Valley | Sun Valley Properties - Elkhorn Springs Condominiums

“We were in a hot market, looking for a very specific piece of property that didn’t seem to exist. Now, three months later, we own that better-than-the-dream-house house. The path from there to here illuminates why we were so fortunate to have Grady and Heather on our side. They were relentless in both their search and their optimism, they kept beating the bushes after we had already left town and then called us on a measured risk to pursue a house that was not even on the market. We knocked on the door and were lucky enough to get a foot in, which lead to the next mountain to climb. River properties all have very specific issues (riparian setbacks, flood plain positioning, etc.) each one of which needs to be dissected with no margin for error. Having an agent who was anything less than obsessive would have undermined our confidence in our investment. Grady was under the house with his flashlight in the morning, in the County offices talking to officials in the afternoon, and reviewing multiple iterations of complex and dated historical documents in the evening. Grady and Heather were on top of this fragile process at all times and their over-communication was often the only mortar that kept this deal from falling apart. We can say without hesitation that this would have never happened if we hadn’t been represented by them. As a professional dealmaker myself, it is an absolute pleasure to give Grady and Heather the highest recommendation possible.”

Michael Wimer / Film Producer and Entertainment Executive | Fiona Locke / Singer – Songwriter | Sun Valley Home – 105 Willow Circle in the Zinc Spur Subdivision

“We have never seen a realtor work so hard and diligently to make sure the purchase of our home was seamless. From showing to signing, Grady and Heather were always available to discuss the property, the details, the timeline- you name it. Grady knew this property well. His efforts to keep the absentee-owner’s beautiful Warm Springs home in top condition inspired us – as the care inside and out was amazing. Grady’s relationship with local contractors insured prompt and excellent work, completed on time. More importantly, his honest, transparent approach to helping us through the process and keeping communications on all sides flowing, made what could have been difficult process- a successful transaction. Frankly, Grady’s honest candor with both the seller and us buyers impressed us. Many times, Grady and Heather went beyond the call of duty to ensure we were both happy. We highly recommend Grady and Heather Burnett as the best realtors in the business!”

Dennis and Carol Thompson, Sun Valley Property - Monte Vista Subdivision in Warm Springs

“My wife and I have known Grady and Heather for ten or more years now, during which period they showed us many, many properties. But as the old saying goes, persistence (theirs!) pays, and last year we finally bought our mountain retreat on the 10th fairway at Elkhorn; and shortly thereafter, we sold our Ridge condominium. In both instances, their command of the local marketplace got us better prices than we could have imagined. They simply do a more diligent, thorough and professional job than the competition. Grady was exceptionally knowledgeable and hands-on (literally) with the home inspection and even more importantly, the follow up with several subcontractors (per trade) that we engaged to price various repairs and maintenance, so we understood exactly what we were buying. Last but not least, Grady and Heather are just a pleasure to work with. They will put your interests first, use their outstanding knowledge and relationships in the local marketplace, and work like crazy to get you results. What more could one ask for!”

James and Paula McCann / JRMC Real Estate, Inc. – Commercial Development / Sun Valley Home– 106 Highlands Drive, Sun Valley

“We were involved in a transaction where the purchase of our new home was contingent upon the sale of our existing property. Grady was an integral part of making this happen. There were so many things that had to come together and be coordinated properly not only to accomplish the transaction, but also to shield us from the financial risks associated with the sale and purchase of these homes. I truly believe there are very few agents who could have pulled a transaction like this off. Grady was focused and worked methodically to get the deal done. He works with great integrity and professionalism and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I now not only consider him our Realtor but a dear friend.”

Todd and Erin Harmon | Wealth Management | Senior Portfolio Manager | Sun Valley Home – Aspen Hollow Subdivision

“We can’t say enough about Heather and Grady. They are so friendly, always available for questions, and as hardworking as it gets. People tell you to expect the home-buying process to be slow and difficult. Our experience with Heather and Grady was the complete opposite. Every showing was meaningful and fun. Signing and submitting paperwork was straightforward and easy. They even checked in with us after the move to make sure everything had gone smoothly! We had a great time throughout, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. What a joy to continue building our life together in our new Sun Valley home!”

David Janeski and Aly Wepplo | Sun Valley Home – Sweetwater Townhomes in Hailey

“What an amazing experience, buying a home in the Wood River Valley. Hether and I were looking for a home with character and something for everyone. We found it with the help of Grady Burnett. From the moment we engaged Grady, we were on the fast track. We looked at a few homes and were underwhelmed. We found an old farmhouse built in 1878 that had seen much love and happiness and was well taken care of. It fit the bill for Hether and I and our children. Grady was a whirlwind. He was “on it’ from the get go, super responsive, always looking out for us, and guiding us through the process. As a Canadian looking to buy with my lovely American partner Hether, we faced numerous challenges and Grady was always here to help with the ins and outs and help out in any way he could. We admired him for his steadfast determination, communication skills and thoughtful advice throughout the process. It was one of the smoothest transactions we have been involved with. Grady had our backs and made it fun!!!! Thanks to Grady we have a warm, cozy, love filled home.”

Hether Holter | HLH Consulting LLC | Bookkeeping and Financial Services and Mark Hadley | VP Exploration | Kicking Horse Energy Inc. | Sun Valley Home – Croy Street in Hailey

“Imagine if you will, coming to Sun Valley for the very first time in August and immediately falling in love with all that this beautiful place has to offer. Imagine further that same energy prompting you, within a few days of your initial visit, to explore owning a home in the valley. Enter professional real estate broker Grady Burnett. My wife and I began our journey of Sun Valley home ownership with Grady’s experienced and guided approach to honing-in on exactly what we wanted and exactly what the market offered. From viewing appropriate properties, to negotiating a contract and sourcing a mortgage, Grady’s professionalism and adaptation of the latest technologies allowed us to close on our Sun Valley home in an extremely short time, with a vast majority of the transactional details being smoothly conducted electronically. As we sit in our new home now and look at the beauty of a November snow blanketing our Sun Valley property, I recall all that Grady Burnett has done to make our dream a reality. Thank you Grady!”

Ron and Janette Wilhite | President / CEO | Regions Facility Services, Inc. | Sun Valley Home – Sunpointe Villa Subdivision in Elkhorn

“Buying my first real home was scary. I have lived in the Valley for more than 10 years and am fairly knowledgeable about the area and what I wanted. Budget was a consideration and I thought my dream home was out of reach. I was wrong. Grady was like a patient big brother taking time to look at so many places and explore all of the options. He was creative and optimistic. He really listened to me and took my lifestyle and desires into consideration in order to find the perfect fit. He was proactive with me, but never pushy. When the time came to make an offer and seal the deal, he was reassuring and gave expert advice. His style, work ethic and knowledge of the market were the perfect combination to make me feel comfortable and confident in making the biggest decision of my life.”

Rebecca Rusch | Professional Athlete, Motivational Speaker | 3x World Champion Endurance Mountain Biker, 4x Leadville100 Winner | Ketchum Fire Department firefighter / EMT | Sun Valley Home – Hulen Meadows Subdivision

“Grady’s approach was comprehensive and focused at the same time. With years of market experience, Grady was able to give us a broad overview of the market with the real pros and cons of each area. Once we decided where we wanted to dive deeper, Grady worked hard on our behalf and gave us the information we needed. In the end, we knew what we wanted in Sun Valley, and Grady helped us get it.”

Roland Wolfram, | Vice President, Global Sales at Nike | Portland, Oregon | Sun Valley Home – Highlands Subdivision in Elkhorn

“As you recall, we really had no intention to buy in Sun Valley when we visited last year. I walked into your office out of curiosity while Barbara was shopping. You were in the office, recovering a bit uncomfortably from a shoulder surgery as I recall, but you took the time to talk to me and then to Barbara and me together about the market. It was your knowledge of the market that kept our interest alive and your patience as you showed us what was available over the next few days. Later, when we got cold feet after all of the trouble of putting together an offer, you were most gracious and understanding about our reluctance. So when Barbara said she was sad about not buying in Sun Valley I didn’t hesitate for a moment to call you. It was just the natural thing to do. You got us back on track an advised us well regarding what I believe was a great deal conducted in a very professional manner from a long distance.”

Ashley Schmiedeskamp | Vice President, Business development. The CIRI Company | Anchorage, Alaska | Sun Valley Home – Villager Condominiums in Sun Valley

“I am writing to recommend Grady Burnett as a real estate Broker for any buyer or seller in Ketchum, Idaho and the surrounding area. Grady represented me in purchasing my home in Ketchum last year. He was an invaluable partner through every step of the process. Grady provided a thorough market analysis as our starting point. His advice was realistic but also positive. When we found a “must have” property, Grady was very helpful in the purchase negotiations. He kept things on track with the seller and supported our decisions. Grady’s knowledge, professionalism and work ethic made him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services.”

Sandy Stewart | Commercial Airline Captain | Horizon Airlines | Medina, Washington | Sun Valley Home – SkiView Condominiums in Ketchum

“I have known Grady for about 15 years. His knowledge of the local real estate market is exceptional. His attention to detail is superb, and his professionalism is stellar. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Stephen I. Moreland III, M.D | La Jolla Radiology Medical Group | Staff Radiologist | Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla | La Jolla, California | Sun Valley Home – Fairway Nine Townhomes

“Grady Burnett did a fantastic job selling a property in Sun Valley for us and I would highly recommend him as a real estate broker. Grady’s professionalism, knowledge and service were very impressive. He seamlessly managed the transaction through closing and effectively addressed any issues that arose.”

Patrick M. Opalewski | Vice President | Root Real Estate Corporation | Ormond Beach, Florida | Sun Valley Home – Atelier Condos In Sun Valley